Multiple Games on Single Disc

Using the XDP Browser as a boot menu.
These instructions will describe how to use the XDP browser as a boot menu, allowing multiple Dreamcast games on a single disk.

Notes: These steps are for Katana executable with no CDDA. Using these steps for WinCE games and games with CDDA (CD Audio tracks) is possible by modifying the game's entry in the XDP.INI, but I do not know the specific numbers needed.

Download and extract the XDP archive that should be included with these directions. This is the same files included with the most recent (as of Jan 2007) release of XDP, but with many of the extraneous files removed.

If your main work directory is \DATA\, it will look something like this:

1) Know your LBA. If your usually burn a audio track, like the Echelon selfboot method, go ahead and do so, and get the information cdrecord -msinfo returns. That second number, usually 11700 or 11702, is the LBA the second session will start at. Remember this number.

2) Copy in the games into their own directory. For each game you want to have available, make a new directory in \DATA\. If we wanted CVS2 and MVC2 on the disk, it would look something like this:
Copy all of the files from the game to the matching directory. ***THE GAME FILES DO NOT GO IN THE ROOT OF THE DISK, ONLY INTO THEIR SUBDIRECTORY***

3)Copy the IP.BIN in the \DATA\ directory (the one that came with the XDP files) to each of the game directories

4)For each game directory, BINHACK the 1ST_READ.BIN, and any other executable files. For CvS2 and MvC2, the 1ST_READ.BIN and the 2_DP.BIN need BINHACK'ed. BINHACK the other executables first, and BINHACK the 1ST_READ.BIN last. ALL of them need BINHACK'ed with the msinfo number (the LBA) from step 1.


6)Modify the XDP.INI. Here is where you tell XDP which games are going to be selectable. Near the bottom of the XDP.INI should be existing entries for youto work off of. Example:


The heading '[Launcher13]' is the number assigned to the game; You'll need that later. AppUrl is the file that has the link to launch the game. This isn't too important; I think it is just the page to load once the game exits from a soft reset. Just leave it as is. The AppDir is the directory that the game is stored it. The AppName is the executable that runs the game (usually 1ST_READ.BIN). AppOS says if its is a Katana game (0) or WinCE game (1). AppDA is the track number of the first CDDA track for the game.

Extra Launcher entries are just fine; just make sure there is one for every game you are wanting to boot.

7)Modify the XDPDEX.HTML. When the disk boots up, it will display the HTML page XDPDEX.HTML. You can put any normal HTML you may want and make it look as pretty as you please. Links to start games are done with a normal A tag, such as:
<a href="x-avefront://---.dream/proc/launch/13">This is a boring text link to CVS</a>
The number after '/launch/' is the number used in the Launcher heading in the XDP.INI. This link will launch whatever game was described in the [Launcher13] section of the XDP.INI

You can make this HTML by hand, or use any tool you want including Frontpage. I personally find full image maps to be the best looking.

8)Make the ISO and burn. Just like you would for any other game, make an ISO of the game, such as "mkisofs -C 0,11702 -V BOOTMENU -l -o data.iso DATA" Insert the IP.BIN with IPINS.EXE. Burn to the CD, and test.

Other things you can do:
* The default bookmarks are stored in the XDP.INI. You can change or modify them however you wish; the format is simple enough.
* Soft resetting (A+B+X+Y+Start) from a game will not return you to the browser unless you use the 45000 LBA DATA/DATA format for your disc.
* Save games can be included with your disk. Put the .VMI AND .VMS files somewhere in the DPWWW directory, and link to them with a <a href="file:/dpwww/filename.vmi"> type link.
* Look around for various avefront commands. With the right commands in your HTML, you can have some special effects, such as vibration if a purupuru pack is attached, a scrolling message or artwork on the VMU screen, playing .SFD movie files, or the playing of ADX files directly. JeffMa's compilation disks are good examples.

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