• Multiple Games on Single Disc
    Using the XDP Browser as a boot menu.______________________________________These instructions will describe how to use the XDP browser as a boot menu, allowing multiple Dreamcast games ...
  • MySQL on Sever2012
    MySQL seems to be a pain in the bum to install on Sever 2012, I was never able to get it to install using the ...
  • Make Couchpotato process files smaller than 200mb
    You need to open /couchpotato/core/plugins/scanner.py and edit line 66  file_sizes = { # in MB 'movie': {'min': 200}, ...
  • MySQL DB Backup Script
    #!/bin/bash # Database credentials user="username" password="password" host="localhost" db_name="dbname" # Other options backup_path="/DB/DB_Backup" date=$(date +"%d-%b-%Y") # Set default file permissions umask 177 # Dump database into SQL file mysqldump --user=$user --password=$password --host=$host $db_name >$backup_path/$db_name-$date.sql # Delete files older than ...
  • Move docker-desktop-data distro out of System Drive
    By default, Docker Desktop for Window will create 2 distros below docker-desktop docker-desktop-data If we access the path %LOCALAPPDATA%/Docker/wsl; we can see 2 folders; and inside it is vhdx file. For detail, data/ext4.vhdx which is ...

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