SAB/Sickbead/Couchpotato Install

First off, we need to download everything we are going to use. Don't install it, just download. With this guide, we will be running from source using Python. Running from source allows us to automatically update with Github, allowing for even more automation.

Download the following:

Python Install + Setting Environment Variables

  1. Run the Python 2.7.3 installer, install to any directory you want but for this guide we will assume you installed it to C:\Python27
  2. Open Run (Or WInKey + R) and type "sysdm.cpl"
  3. Change to the Advanced tab and click environment variables down the bottom right
  4. Under system variables, scroll down to Path and click Edit.
  5. At the end of the line, add 'C:\Python27;' or whatever path you installed Python to.
  6. For more information, click here

Cheetah Install

  1. Extract Cheetah 2.4.4 to C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages
  2. Open a command prompt window and browse to where you extracted cheetah. This can be done by using the following command:
cd C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\Cheetah-2.4.4

Type the following into your command prompt window:

python install

Cheetah 2.4.4 is now installed and we are ready to start!

SABnzbd Install

  1. Run the SABnzbd Installer
  2. Make sure to select "Run at Startup" and give it NZB file associations if you wish
  3. Remember where you installed it to.

SickBeard Install

  1. Create a folder on your hard drive called "Downloads"
  2. Navigate into that folder and right click and select "Git BASH Here"
  3. A command prompt window will open enter the following:
  4. This will clone the required files into a Sick-Beard directory
  5. You should now be able to run the "" file, it will open in a command prompt and should open the browser when its ready.

CouchPotato Install

  1. Install PyWin32 & Git
  2. Extract CouchPotato, for this guide we will assume you extracted it to C:\CouchPotato
  3. Open your favourite text editor. (I recommend notepad++)
  4. Copy the following code into the text editor:

  5. Code:
    cd C:\CouchPotato
    start pythonw
  6. Save the file as CouchPotato.bat making sure that the file extension is changed to .bat and not .txt. (Notepad++ will sort this out for you)
  7. Run the new script you created. This will open CouchPotato in the background.
  8. Close your browser.

Running all programs on System Startup (To skip this step, just save your .bat files in the Startup folder)

  1. Open the start menu and find the Startup folder
  2. Right click on it and select open
  3. You may already find SABnzbd in here
  4. Create new shortcuts in this folder and point them to your sickbeard.bat & headphones.bat scripts
  5. Create another new shortcut and point it to CouchPotato.exe (This is located in your CouchPotato installation folder)

If everything went well, you now have everything installed and ready to go. Now we just need to set everything up....

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