Yatse Voice Commands

How to use

Voice commands can be started in a lot of way:

  • In the application : Press the microphone icon in the left menu (near to Remote button)
  • You can add a Voice Commands widgets to your home screen for direct action
  • If you are using Jelly Bean you can set Voice Commands to replace the Google now shortcut (swipe up of the home virtual Android button).
  • You can also use the api to start it from other apps (See Api - Use Yatse from other applications (Ex: Tasker))

Yatse voice commands currently support English / French / Portuguese / Italian / German / Polish and Dutch language, see the end of this page on how you can contribute to add support for your language in a future release.

Yatse tries to analyse what you say in a smart way to allow natural commands. Google Voice recognition engine is used to transform what you say in a list of possible sentences that Yatse then interpret to commands.
Due to limitations in Google Engine, when you use natural sentences in your native language to try to play English movie title or artists you may have to force the accent so Google do not try to change the title to some words in your language. There's nothing we can do about this.

If you find some command missing (related to those already implemented) please contact me with all the necessary information to add support for it (All grammar / gender formulation and logs see last part of this page)

English voice commands

Basic playback commands :

  • play -> play
  • pause -> pause
  • stop / end / finish -> stop
  • mute / unmute -> toggle mute
  • next -> next
  • previous -> previous
  • forward / faster -> forward
  • rewind / backward -> rewind

Natural language commands :

You can start your sentences with "I want to" this will be ignored in the parsing.

Remark : Some commands have default action for example you can say "listen to Massive Attack" to play all songs from this artist. 
But for artists that are not well known you may have better result by saying "listen to the artist Massive Attack" so that Google engine know you're talking about an artist and send back better proposals.

The command listed here are not exhaustive you may want to try others, check the samples for ideas.

  • search <subcommand> <search words> -> Start global search on your terms with a filter on type if subcommand is (song / album / artist / movie / show / episode)
    Samples : "search for the artist Massive Attack", "search a movie named Avatar", ...
  • sync (or synchronize) <subcommand> -> Start Yatse media synchronization of specific type (can also use database as type for a global sync)
    Samples : "sync my movies", "I want to synchronize my episodes", "synchronize database",...
  • watch <search words> -> Start a movie named search words (if multiple movies are found, start the global search to list them)
    Samples : "I want to watch Avatar" , "watch Avatar"
  • watch movie <search words> -> Start a movie named search words (if multiple movies are found, start the global search to list them)
    Samples : "Watch the movie named Die Hard", "I want to watch the movie Avatar"
  • watch random movie (or just watch movie) -> Start a random movie
    Samples : "Watch a random movie", "I want to watch a movie"
  • watch <next> <search words> -> Start the first unseen episode from show named search words
    Samples : "Watch the next Dexter", "I want to watch the next episode of Battlestar Galactica"
  • watch <latest/last> <search words> -> Start the last episode from show named search words
    Samples :"watch the latest episode of Battlestar Galactica", "watch the last Dexter"
  • listen <song/album/genre/artist> <search words> -> Start playing specific type search words, will show global search on multiple match
    Samples : "Listen to Massive Attack" , "Listen to the album named Mezzanine", "I want to listen to the album Death Magnetic"
  • listen <search words> <song/album/genre/artist/music> -> Start playing specific type search words with music as alias for genre for better detection. If no search words will play 50 random songs
    Samples : "I want to listen to some Rock", "Listen rock music" , "Listen to Mezzanine album"
  • listen random <music/song/track/album/genre/artist> -> Will start a random play of selected type
    Samples :"listen to a random artist", "listen some music", "I want to listen to a random genre", ....

Remark : Watch and Listen can be replaced by more generic play or start command.

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