Use the .pbp format. It compress the PSX diskimage and save about 30% and you could put
multiple images in one file.

On Windows download the program PSX2PSP (latest version 1.4.2)
You can input 1 to 5 images from one game. The output is one file „EBOOT.PBP“
You can rename the file.
lr_PCSX_ReARMed can read this file.

Open Rgui and select:
– Settings
– Input Settings
– Scroll down until „Disk eject toggle“, setup a key or button for it.
– The same for „Disk next“ and „Disk prev“

Leave the Rgui.
To Swap a disk, first you have to press the hotkey and the button you have set for
„Disk eject toggle“. With this the virtual PSX tray is opened.
Then with the buttons for „Disk next“ /„Disk prev“ select the image that you want to load.
Push again the „Disk eject toggle“ button to close the tray.

You don’t need to restart the game or emulator or so. The game will automatically find the new selected image.

To test put all 3 disks of FF7 in one .pbp file and load the game.
When you are at the screen where you can select „New Game“, chose the second CD as described above. Then you will get a screen that you should insert the first CD.
If you then chose again the first CD as described above, the game will continue as it should.

Attached files: psx2pspv1.4.2_base.rar

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