Move docker-desktop-data distro out of System Drive

By default, Docker Desktop for Window will create 2 distros below

  • docker-desktop
  • docker-desktop-data

If we access the path %LOCALAPPDATA%/Docker/wsl; we can see 2 folders; and inside it is vhdx file. For detail,

  • data/ext4.vhdx which is consumed by docker-desktop-data
  • distro/ext4.vhdx which is consumed by docker-desktop

In which, docker-desktop-data is used to store images and so on. Therefore, its size will be increased in the future, consequently, our System Drive will be out of space. Below are step-by-step to move docker-desktop-data out of System Drive, for example, E:\docker-desktop\data.

Step 1: Stop Docker

Step 2: Export, unregister then import distro

1- Shutdown all WSL distros

wsl --shutdown

2- Export docker-desktop-data to tar file

wsl --export docker-desktop-data E:\docker-desktop\docker-desktop-data.tar

3- Unregister current docker-desktop-data distro

wsl --unregister docker-desktop-data

4- Import docker-desktop-data distro from tar file

wsl --import docker-desktop-data E:\docker-desktop\data E:\docker-desktop\docker-desktop-data.tar --version 2


  • In this step, we may meet the error of cannot create a specific network. Just re-run the import command.

Step 3: Start Docker

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